personal coaching / life design

a new way to think about how you are living your life. we start from where you are now and figure out how to happily and successfully get you from point A to point B. artfully. in balance. to live the life that fulfills your deepest purpose and longings.
whether it be work, relationships, communication, self-confidence, transitions, or other life challenges…we focus on what’s important to you in your life right now. become 100% you.

sessions are either in person in malibu or via phone or skype from anywhere.

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awareness training

how do you walk through this world? are you present with your loved ones? do you feel purpose in your daily work? are you connected to something that calls to you?
this training is meant for people who want to take a look at what’s really going on in their lives, and how to take steps to create a life you love.

we use basic awareness training combined with shamanic practices to get you present moment by moment, and ready and able to hear what calls you.

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theta healing

cheryl is a certified theta healing practitioner.
theta healing can help with many life challenges including but not limited to: physical health issues, emotional blocks, dispelling limiting beliefs and overcoming anxiety or fear.

theta healing may also be used for guidance when your path is not clear.
we can also communicate with spirit guides in the theta practice.

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plant spirit medicine

cheryl is an herbalist trained at the Gaia School of Herbalism.
we can utilize the plants and herbs of the surrounding hills of
malibu to create wholeness in your body and spirit.
make oils, teas, and other herbal concoctions that bring joy and balance to your daily life.
amazing and magical healing has been provided for us here on the earth through the plant world.

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malibu healing arts

upcoming workshops


a class designed for either the beginning meditator or someone who is looking to find more depth in their daily practice. we will cover the basics and then we’ll dive into how to explore your inner knowing. how to reach the wisdom of your highest self anywhere anytime.


for creators and regular people. how to live each moment artfully as you walk your path. how to stay inspired. how to fit creativity into your everyday life.
how to free yourself to source divine imagination and knowledge that guide you to brilliant creative work.


time to let go of that long held grudge. free yourself from the chains that are holding only you. the art of forgiveness can be learned.

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find laughter in chaos. be a force in your own life.